Sharon Burack, co-founder of SPYRL™ Chicago, is excited to bring her wellness philosophy of alternative medicine to the public with the opening of the first SPYRL studio in Downtown Highland Park, the North Shore’s newest studio exclusively teaching the Gyrotonic Expansion System®.

After first hearing about the Gyrotonic® method from two close friends, Sharon decided to try it out and knew instantly that this form of exercise is what the world needs to increase the quality of life and mobility, especially within the aging population.

She found the circular motions of Gyrotonic® movement enhanced her flexibility, her regular physical activity, and helped her feel more grounded and connected. “I believe the movements one does effect the way people think and when we do movements that are spiral in nature it makes one more adaptable. I found that Gyrotonic® sessions puts me in a mindful state and I felt even more creative after doing this, almost on a Gyro-high.”

The Gyrotonic Method® ties together Sharon’s wellness philosophy and awareness of self-being. Now in her 60s, and after overcoming many health challenges including being a cancer survivor, suffering from arthritis and recovering from a hip injury, it’s even more important than ever for her to be in the best shape possible. The Gyrotonic Expansion System® allows her to enjoy other regular exercise activities even more. A black belt martial artist, she now has more range of motion, better balance, harder kicks and can do a lot more in kung fu.

As a senior living professional, Sharon is passionate about the benefits of Gyrotonic® exercises and sees first-hand how strength and mobility is a huge factor in injury prevention and fall prevention. An occupational therapist by training and owner of Freedom Home Care, one of the leading and most respected home care agencies in the Chicagoland area, Sharon started to put the wheels in motion to bring the Gyrotonic Method® to the Chicagoland area in hopes of helping anyone from senior citizens to professional athletes maximize their health and wellness potential.

Sharon and Amy plan to open more SPRYL studios over the next few years and will continue to spread awareness of the Gyrotonic Expansion System® throughout the Chicagoland area.

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