How Do You Use Reconvene In A Sentence?

What does reconvene mean?

transitive + intransitive.

: to convene again reconvene a meeting A federal jury reconvened today for a second day of deliberations …—.

How do you use definitive in a sentence?

Definitive in a Sentence 🔉As soon as the doctor gave a definitive diagnosis, the nurse began the patient’s treatment. … The jury’s verdict is seen as the definitive decision on a defendant’s guilt or innocence.More items…

How do you spell reconvene?

Correct spelling for the English word “reconvene” is [ɹˌiːkənvˈiːn], [ɹˌiːkənvˈiːn], [ɹ_ˌiː_k_ə_n_v_ˈiː_n] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for RECONVENErecompense,reconfirm,reconvert,reasonable,reconvict,recombine.

What is a definitive in grammar?

definitive (plural definitives) (grammar) a word, such as a definite article or demonstrative pronoun, that defines or limits something.

Will reconvene meaning?

When you meet up again, you reconvene. School may be out for the summer, but it will reconvene in the fall. The verb reconvene is used most often when a club, government body, or business meeting comes together again after a pause or a break of some length.

What is to be in grammar?

The verb to be as a main verb The verb to be is the fundamental verb used to indicate the existence of an entity (person, object, abstraction) or to relate an entity to its qualities or characteristics. In linguistics, it is sometimes known as a copula.

What is main verb with examples?

The main verb is also called the lexical verb or the principal verb. This term refers to the important verb in the sentence, the one that typically shows the action or state of being of the subject. … To better understand how helping verbs support main verbs, consider the examples below: I am driving to the beach.

What is the opposite of reconvene?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for reconvene. break up, disband, disperse, split (up)

What are the five sentences?

Study the following sentences.They have received the parcel. … She has returned. ( … You have done a good job. ( … They have accepted the offer. ( … She has declined the offer. ( … The offer has been declined by her. ( … She has been reprimanded. (Dec 10, 2012

What’s another word for meet up?

What is another word for meet up?combinelinkuniteamalgamateconsolidatepairteam upget togethercome togetherjoin up29 more rows

What are definitive words?

A definitive answer is a final one. A definitive decision by a court of law is one that will not be changed. A definitive translation is one everyone turns to as correct. Definitive means authoritative, conclusive, final.

What does no definitive mean?

adj. 1 serving to decide or settle finally; conclusive.

What is another word for reconvene?

What is another word for reconvene?continuerestartresumereunitebegin againcall againcarry onconvene againgather againmeet again4 more rows

How do you put be in a sentence?

Be sentence example”I couldn’t be here if it wasn’t,” she said. … It had to be the new baby. … I just want it to be healthy. … We must not be late. … But not a single person appeared to be in the room. … “Does it hurt to be invisible?” she asked. … When will supper be ready?More items…

What is another way to say circle back?

What is another word for circle back?recrudescereactrevertrevisitrevolverotateturnback upbounce backcome again38 more rows