Question: How Old Is Jinx League Of Legends?

Where is Camille from lol?

PiltoverIn-game, she’ll taunt you with these facts as she tears you apart with slicing kicks.

Camille is from Piltover, a city enjoying the fruits of a cultural renaissance..

Is jinx good lol?

Jinx is still an really good hypercarry, but as always it depends on your teamcomp and the enemy teamcomp. jinx is very easy to play actually and very forgiving.

Who betrayed Azir?

XerathAs the Sun Disc focused the dawn rays into a transformative beam, Xerath betrayed Azir, shoving his emperor aside and stealing its power for himself.” “In an instant, Azir was obliterated – and Xerath remade as a spectral being of pure, malevolent energy – as the city around them was swallowed whole by the desert.”

How old is ezreal?

Kai’Sa, Qiyana, Sona, Lux, Orianna, Kayn, Ezreal: 20 years old.

Is Camille a human?

While Evelynn is clearly not entirely human, and her heritage remains unclear, it is believed that she hails from the Shadow Isles – though her link with that tortured realm remains shrouded in mystery.

Why is jinx pale?

Jinx is a soul in distress who had probably been living in Zaun for most of her life which would explain why she’s so darn pale. So skin tone wise, both Vi and Jinx are white girls.

How old is Garen?

25 years oldGaren is 25 years old. He was 25 years old during the events of the For Demacia and later Lux Comic. Dauntless Vanguard. Dauntless Vanguard.

Is Camille good lol?

Overall she is a great champion (easily in my top 3 favorite champins), but it takes a lot of time to learn how to play her. She basically has everything: DPS, burst, engage, disengage, mobility to escape and catch, team utility, a lot of CC, a bit of tankiness, poke in lane BUT it’s REALLY hard to master her.

Is jinx an albino?

ALBINO LEOPARD JOINS PARK ZOO; Her Name Is Jinx, She Comes From Mozambique, and She Doesn’t Like New York.

Is Nasus a God?

Nasus is an imposing, jackal-headed Ascended being from ancient Shurima, a heroic figure regarded as a demigod by the people of the desert. Fiercely intelligent, he was a guardian of knowledge and peerless strategist whose wisdom guided the ancient empire of Shurima to greatness for many centuries.

How tall is jinx League of Legends?

5’3 / 160cmJinx – 5’3 / 160cm, 98 lbs / 44.5kg .

What is Jinx in lol?

A manic and impulsive criminal from Zaun, Jinx lives to wreak havoc without care for the consequences. With an arsenal of deadly weapons, she unleashes the loudest blasts and brightest explosions to leave a trail of mayhem and panic in her wake.

How old is taliyah?

She’s portrayed as being about 16 years old, but several timeline inconsistencies gradually arose after her release and made it clear that she is canonically older than that. Scathlocke has stated that she is 23 in the present state of the timeline. She was 6 years old when she became a Stoneweaver.

Is jinx a bad word?

A jinx (also jynx), in popular superstition and folklore, is a curse or the attribute of attracting bad or negative luck. … The word “jynx” meaning the bird wryneck and sometimes a charm or spell has been in use in English since the seventeenth century.

How old is Camille in League of Legends?

80Camille is an 80-year-old augmented living person whose Hextech heart has allowed her to age much more slowly than usual.

Is Azir dead?

Azir was a mortal emperor of Shurima in a far distant age, a proud man who stood at the cusp of immortality. His hubris saw him betrayed and murdered at the moment of his greatest triumph, but now, millennia later, he has been reborn as an Ascended being of immense power.

Does Renekton hate Nasus?

Nasus grew jealous of Renekton, his bitter jealousy turned to anger, and cemented into hatred. Nasus being of superior mind and sight, knew he could not let this hold him back. Using a combination of magic, and physical meditation Nasus sealed away his hatred of Renekton into the deepest recesses of his subconscious.

Who is Jinx Sister lol?

ViJinx and Vi confirmed as sisters in interview with Ghostcrawler. They both share a love of violence, that’s for sure.

What is jinx real name?

Jinx appears in DC Universe Online, voiced by Claire Hamilton. She appears as part of the expansion pack “Sons of Trigon”. Jinx appears as a playable character in Lego DC Super-Villains, with Lauren Tom reprising her voice role.