Question: What Are Spider Man’S Weaknesses?

Can Peter Parker get drunk?

Yes, Peter Parker/Spider-Man has been drunk in the comics, and it got in the way of his vigilanteing heroing.

Peter is at a party and gets drunk, and ends up running off to fight the Hobgoblin.

After he almosts gets some innocents hurt, he pretty much swears off drinking..

Can Spider Man catch bullets?

Peter has been fast enough to dodge attacks like lightning at close range which is faster than bullets. … Although we never actually see Spider-Man catch bullets with his hands we have at least 2 instances where he gets close. One he catches one bullet but the other completely goes through his hand.

Is Spiderman stronger than Miles Morales?

The traditional spider sense is also there to help Miles out. All of these powers, plus Peter Parker’s original power set, are based on the abilities of actual species of spiders, but Miles is both stealthier and more powerful than Peter.

What is Peter Parkers IQ?

Peter Parker has an estimated IQ of about 160. Generally, people with high IQs can only have meaningful discussions with people who also have high IQs.

How did Peter Parker die?

Also in Avengers: Infinity War, Peter is killed at the mere age of 16 or 17 like in the comics although here the circumstances are different, in the comics he is killed by Green Goblin and the Sinister Six whereas here he dies after being dusted by Thanos although he is also eventually resurrected though here the …

What is Wonder Woman’s weakness?

According to Batman, Superman is Wonder Woman’s Kryptonite. In this way, Superman’s relationship with her can be exploited to control her. This proves that our Man of Steel is one of her biggest weaknesses.

What are superhero weaknesses?

The 5 Coolest and 5 Stupidest Superhero Weaknesses5) Martian Manhunter – Fire.4) The Human Torch – Asbestos.3) Wolverine – The Muramasa Blade.2) Green Lantern – Yellow/Wood.1) Wonder Woman – Rendered Helpless by a Man Binding Her Bracelets Together.5) Luke Cage – Adamantium.4) The Flash – Running Too Fast.3) Daredevil – Noise Pollution.More items…•Feb 5, 2010

Can Spider Man beat the Hulk?

Few in the Marvel Universe are strong enough to take down the Hulk, but Spider-Man proved that brute strength isn’t always necessary – the only thing he needed to beat the angry green giant was a solid sense of humor.

Is Spider Man the weakest avenger?

Let us see! Spider-Man is definitely not the weakest Avenger, or the weakest superhero. There are weaker superheroes than him, but when compared to some powerhouse names, he is also not among the strongest. Marvel Comics is a comic book publishing company founded in 1939 under the name Timely Comics.

What’s Spider Man’s Favourite food?

cherry piePeter Parker is a huge fan of everything that comes out of Aunt May’s kitchen, but his absolute favorite has to be her cherry pie. Thank goodness he didn’t inherit a spider’s taste for insects along with its powers.

Who is the weakest Spider-Man?

MilesCharacters: When we look at the characters who became Spider-Men, Miles would be the weakest, while the strongest would be Kaine.

What is Spider-Man afraid of?

ArachnophobiaArachnophobiaReal NameArachnophobiaFamily and FriendsClaustrophobiaOther Info Animated Universe Appearances X-Men “Captive Hearts” Spider-Man “Return of the Spider Slayers”1 more row

Is Peter Parker smarter than Tony Stark?

Tony Stark. Peter Parker is acknowledged as being a genius much like Tony. His spider sense allows his brain to solve problems faster and it also makes him more intuitive. But he’s still not as smart as Tony.

What superhero has no weakness?

ColossusThe only ones with literally no weaknesses are god level reality warpers. Colossus and heat don’t get along well, evidenced by Uncanny X-Men #116. Colossus’ weakness is anti-metal vibranium.

What is Aquaman weakness?

He also retroactively developed a specific weakness akin to Superman’s vulnerability to kryptonite or Green Lantern’s vulnerability to the color yellow: Aquaman had to come into contact with water at least once per hour or he would die. Prior to this, Aquaman could exist both in and out of water indefinitely.