Quick Answer: Who Is Leaving Fox 59 News?

What happened to Ray on Fox 59 news?

It’s a tough day on FOX59 Morning News.

Our beloved colleague and morning anchor Ray Cortopassi is leaving us.

Ray got a job at WGN in Chicago, his hometown.

He’s brought such great energy, fun and compassion to the station–and we are going to miss him!.

Is cortopassi leaving Channel 59?

Ray Cortopassi, an anchor for WXIN-TV Channel 59 since 2009, is leaving Indianapolis for a job at WGN-TV in Chicago, WGN announced Thursday. … In Chicago, he will remain with Nexstar Broadcasting Inc., which owns both WGN and Fox59.

What is Ray Cortopassi salary?

$59,641Ray Cortopassi Salary Cortopassi receives an annual salary of $59,641. This is according to the Fox 49 anchors salary.

Where is Sherman Fox 59?

Sherman is a two-time Emmy Award winning veteran who has worked all aspects of the newsroom from editing and producing, to the anchor desk in stations around the country. Currently, he’s the guy who lets you know what’s happening around Indy and around Indiana in his “Where is Sherman” features on FOX59 Morning News!

Who will replace Ray Cortopassi on Fox 59 news?

Cortopassi will be leaving Fox59 for WGN. He will be the new co-anchor of WGN Evening News at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., WGN News at Nine and WGN News at Ten alongside Micah Materre starting Sept.

Is Fanchon Stinger still married?

Stinger is married but she has not disclosed the name of her husband in public. They both attended College Park Church in Indianapolis. Currently, the couple resides in the Westfield area to be closer to the Fox 59 studios. Stinger enjoys spending time with her husband and puppy “Arie,” an adorable beagle mix.

Who is taking over for Ray Cortopassi?

Micah MaterreRay Cortopassi, 53, who grew up in south suburban Dolton and graduated from Columbia College Chicago, is coming home to join the Nexstar Media Group station here. Starting September 28, he’ll co-anchor WGN’s 5, 6, 9 and 10 p.m. Monday-through-Friday newscasts with Micah Materre.

How old is Angela Ganote?

51 years oldAngela Ganote Age Ganote is 51 years old as of 2021. She was born December 7, 1970, in Brownsburg, in Hendricks County, Indiana, United States.

One of Meisner’s clients is Colette Stinger, Fanchon Stinger’s younger sister, who was an anchorwoman in Flint. “In this business, perception is reality and appearance is everything,” he said. “She may have made some mistakes, but she has done nothing criminal and, in time, the truth will come out.”

Who is replacing Joe Donlon?

Feder: As Joe Donlon bows out, ‘the hunt is on’ for new top anchor at WGN. If all goes as planned, the next time we’ll see Joe Donlon is September 1 when he debuts with Marni Hughes as the Monday-through-Friday anchor team on “News Nation,” the national nightly newscast coming to WGN America, Robert Feder writes.