What Is Another Word For Flippant?

Which word is closest in meaning to the word flippant?




The definition of saucy is someone or something overly forward or bold, lively, impertinent or flippant..

What is a patronizing?

: showing or characterized by a superior attitude towards others : marked by condescension patronizing comments No more endearing is his patronizing jocularity …—

What are synonyms for impudent?

impudentimpertinent, insolent, cheeky, audacious, brazen, shameless, immodest, pert.presumptuous, forward, disrespectful, insubordinate, irreverent, flippant, bumptious, brash, bold, bold as brass.rude, impolite, ill-mannered, bad-mannered, unmannerly, discourteous, insulting, ill-bred.More items…

What does it mean to be flippant?

lacking proper respect or seriousness1 : lacking proper respect or seriousness. 2 archaic : glib, talkative.

What do you call a person who is not serious?

other words for not serious amusing. humorous. jocular. joking.

What is the meaning of frivolous?

1a : of little weight or importance She thinks window shopping is a frivolous activity. b : having no sound basis (as in fact or law) a frivolous lawsuit. 2a : lacking in seriousness a frivolous conversation. b : marked by unbecoming levity was criticized for his frivolous behavior in court.

Is flippantly a word?

Meaning of flippantly in English. in a way that is not serious about a serious subject, in an attempt to be funny or to appear smart: She was very tempted to answer flippantly.

What is the meaning of sardonic?

: disdainfully or skeptically humorous : derisively mocking a sardonic comment.

What is a flip response?

Marked by casual disrespect; impertinent: a flip answer to a serious question.

What brash means?

confident and aggressiveEnglish Language Learners Definition of brash : confident and aggressive in usually a rude or unpleasant way. : very strong or harsh. See the full definition for brash in the English Language Learners Dictionary. brash.

What does glib mean in English?

1a : showing little forethought or preparation : offhand glib answers. b : marked by ease and informality : nonchalant.

What is a flippant attitude?

Filters. The definition of flippant is disrespectful or the lack of a serious attitude. An example of flippant is when you make a sarcastic comment in response to a serious question. adjective.

What is the opposite of flippant?

flippant. Antonyms: flattering, servile, obsequious, accurate, considerate, deferential, complimentary, respectful. Synonyms: pert, forward, superficial, thoughtless, saucy, malapert.

Is flippant a negative word?

When it first showed up in the English language around the 17th century, flippant meant glib and talkative. But over the years it has developed a more negative connotation. Today flippant is used to describe a blasé attitude or comment in a situation that calls for seriousness.

Is Flip short for flippant?

Notes: Today’s Good Word is rather ordinary except for its perfect synonymy with a part of itself, flip, which means the same thing as flippant (see Word History for the reason). The adverb is flippantly and the noun, flippancy. … Why such a shallow word as flip needs dressing up is a good question.