Who Holds The Record For Most Kick Return Touchdowns?

What QB has the least interceptions?

Aaron Rodgers remained the league’s least interception-prone starting QB in 2019Share this on Facebook.Share this on Twitter.Share.May 4, 2020.

What QB leads the NFL in interceptions?

NFL Player Stats – InterceptionsRankPlayerTeam1Tom BradyTampa Bay Buccaneers1Drew LockDenver Broncos4Russell WilsonSeattle Seahawks4Ben RoethlisbergerPittsburgh Steelers29 more rows

Why did Hester wear 23?

Because Hester joined the Bears as a cornerback, he was allowed to wear the No. 23 even after switching to the wide receiver position. Once he joined the Falcons, however, he wasn’t allowed to make an offer to cornerback Robert Alford for the number per NFL rules pertaining to which positions can wear which numbers.

How old is Devin Hester son?

6Devin Hester’s 6-year-old son, Dray, is going viral after flashing jukes and stutter-steps: ‘Nobody can stop you’

Who has the most touchdowns in NFL history?

Jerry RiceNFL History – Touchdown LeadersTouchdown LeadersRKPLAYERTD1Jerry Rice2082Emmitt Smith1753LaDainian Tomlinson16217 more rows

Who is the best punter in the NFL?

Bryan Anger (Houston Texans) Advertisement. … Jack Fox (Detroit Lions) Lions rookie Jack Fox is PFF’s top-ranked punter in 2020, with a grade of 92.2 (five higher than any other punter).Nov 10, 2020

How much is Devin Hester worth?

Devin Hester Net Worth and salary: Devin Hester is an American football player who has a net worth of $3 million. Born on November 4, 1982 in Riviera Beach, Florida, he was only a toddler when his parents were taken away from him.

Who has the best special teams in the NFL?

Share All sharing options for: Rick Gosselin Ranks the Colts as Having the NFL’s 4th Best Special Teams Unit in his Annual Rankings2020 NFL SPECIAL TEAMS RANKING.New England 214.Seattle 222.5.Detroit 235.5.Indianapolis 244.5.New Orleans 260.5.Baltimore 263.5.Miami 281.5.More items…•Jan 13, 2021

Who has the most return yards this year?

Cordarrelle PattersonNFL Player Stats – Kickoff Return YardsRankPlayerValue1Cordarrelle Patterson10852Andre Roberts10563Ray-Ray McCloud III7924Jamal Agnew78332 more rows

Who has the most kick returns for touchdowns?

Devin HesterThe statistic depicts the National Football League players with the most punt return touchdowns in the league’s history as of January 2021. Of these players, nobody has returned more kicks for touchdowns in NFL history than Devin Hester, whose NFL career spanned from 2006 to 2016.

Who is the best kick returner in NFL history?

Brian MitchellLeadersRankPlayerRtY1Brian Mitchell19,0132Allen Rossum15,0033Josh Cribbs13,4884Mel Gray13,00383 more rows

Who has the most interceptions in NFL history?

Paul KrauseInterceptions (at start of 2013 NFL Season)1Paul Krause*812Emlen Tunnell*793Rod Woodson*714Dick “Night Train” Lane*685Ken Riley6516 more rows

Who leads the NFL in punt returns?

Kick & Punt ReturnsPunt ReturnsRkPlayerYds1Andre Roberts*2862Ray-Ray McCloud2983Jamal Agnew17825 more rows

Is Devin Hester a Hall of Famer?

Bears great Devin Hester eligible for Hall of Fame in 2022 With the 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame class being announced last night at the NFL Honors show, the debate for the 2022 begins. And that means Hester is eligible since it’ll have been five years since he played in the NFL.

Which QB has the most interceptions 2020?

Carson WentzCarson Wentz and Drew Lock were tied for the most interceptions in 2020, with 15 interceptions.

Can an NFL team score 1 point?

According to the NFL’s scoring rules under Section 11-3-2-C, the rare one-point safety is awarded when a safety occurs by either team during a “try,” or a point after try such as a two-point conversion or extra point attempt.

Who is the hardest quarterback to sack?

DeMarcus WareDeMarcus Ware names the hardest QB to sack, and it’s not who you would ever expect. With 138.5 career sacks, DeMarcus Ware hit a lot of quarterbacks during his NFL career. The 38-year-old former pass rusher faced all kinds of them, too: electrifying dual threats, rocket-armed gunslingers, pitch-perfect pocket operators …

What is the average punt return in the NFL?

Peterson had 426 punt return yards on a league high 51 attempts for an average of 8.4 yards….Punt Return Average (at start of 2013 NFL Season)1George McAfee*12.7810Mack Herron*11.6911Roscoe Parrish11.6412Bill Thompson11.5513Darrien Gordon11.4715 more rows

How many kick return touchdowns does Devin Hester have?

123Devin Hester/Number of touchdowns

Is Devin Hester married?

Zingha Hesterm. 2010Devin Hester/Spouse

Who is the best QB ever?

25 Greatest Quarterbacks in NFL History* There is no more revered or analyzed position in the NFL than quarterback. … Joe Namath, 1965-77. Record. … Dan Fouts, 1973-87. Record. … Philip Rivers, 2004-20. Record. … Jim Kelly, 1986-96. Record. … Eli Manning, 2004-19. Record. … Kurt Warner, 1998-2009. Record. … Sammy Baugh, 1937-52. Record.More items…•Mar 1, 2021