Who Is The Greatest Kick Returner Of All Time?

Who has the best special teams in the NFL?

Share All sharing options for: Rick Gosselin Ranks the Colts as Having the NFL’s 4th Best Special Teams Unit in his Annual Rankings2020 NFL SPECIAL TEAMS RANKING.New England 214.Seattle 222.5.Detroit 235.5.Indianapolis 244.5.New Orleans 260.5.Baltimore 263.5.Miami 281.5.More items…•Jan 13, 2021.

Why did Hester wear 23?

Because Hester joined the Bears as a cornerback, he was allowed to wear the No. 23 even after switching to the wide receiver position. Once he joined the Falcons, however, he wasn’t allowed to make an offer to cornerback Robert Alford for the number per NFL rules pertaining to which positions can wear which numbers.

Who has the most interceptions in NFL history?

Paul KrauseInterceptions (at start of 2013 NFL Season)1Paul Krause*812Emlen Tunnell*793Rod Woodson*714Dick “Night Train” Lane*685Ken Riley6516 more rows

Who has the best defense in the NFL 2020?

Team DefenseRkTm1stD1Los Angeles Rams2802Baltimore Ravens3473Pittsburgh Steelers28114 more rows•4 days ago

Is Devin Hester married?

Zingha Hesterm. 2010Devin Hester/Spouse

Does Devin Hester still play in the NFL?

After leaving the Bears in 2014, Hester joined the Atlanta Falcons, where he’d spend two seasons. His last year in the NFL came in 2016, when he split time with the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens.

Who leads the NFL in return yards?

The following is a list of the NFL career kickoff return leaders ranked by kickoff return yards. Statistics are current through the 2020 NFL season and include stats accrued in NFL, AFL and APFA games….NFL Career Leaders – Kickoff Return Yards.1.B. Mitchell2.A. Rossum3.J. Cribbs4.M. Gray5.D. Hall46 more rows

Who has the most return yards this year?

Cordarrelle PattersonNFL Player Stats – Kickoff Return YardsRankPlayerValue1Cordarrelle Patterson10852Andre Roberts10563Ray-Ray McCloud III7924Jamal Agnew78332 more rows

How many touchdowns did Devin Hester have?

123Devin Hester/Number of touchdowns

Who is the best kick returner in the NFL right now?

Kick & Punt ReturnsKick ReturnsRkPlayerYds1Andre Roberts*9612Ray-Ray McCloud6463Jamal Agnew78325 more rows

How old is Devin Hester son?

6Devin Hester’s 6-year-old son, Dray, is going viral after flashing jukes and stutter-steps: ‘Nobody can stop you’

What is the longest kick return in NFL history?

Cordarrelle PattersonVikings rookie Cordarrelle Patterson took the opening kickoff against Green Bay and returned 109-yards for a touchdown on Sunday, setting the NFL record for longest kickoff return in league history and tying Antonio Cromartie’s record for longest play in NFL history.

Was Devin Hester a corner?

He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft. … Originally drafted as a cornerback, Hester quickly made an impact as a kick returner, and later became a wide receiver.

How fast can Devin Hester run?

4.41 secondsDevin Hester/40 yard dash time

Who has the most return TDS in NFL history?

Devin HesterDevin Hester is officially the greatest returner in NFL history. With kick-return royalty in Billy “White Shoes” Johnson and Hall of Famer Deion Sanders watching from the Georgia Dome sidelines, Hester exploded for a 62-yard punt-return touchdown to give him 20 return touchdowns for his career.

How many kick returns does Devin Hester?

14Players with the most punt return touchdowns in NFL history as of January 2021Number of punt return touchdownsDevin Hester14Eric Metcalf10Brian Mitchell9Jack Christiansen89 more rows•Jan 15, 2021

Is Devin Hester a Hall of Famer?

Bears great Devin Hester eligible for Hall of Fame in 2022 With the 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame class being announced last night at the NFL Honors show, the debate for the 2022 begins. And that means Hester is eligible since it’ll have been five years since he played in the NFL.

What percentage of NFL kickoffs are returned?

More than 90 percent of kickoffs were returned in first weekend of XFL – ProFootballTalk.

Who has the best offense in the NFL 2020?

2020-21 NFL Team Rankings – Offense RankingsRANKNAMEYDS1Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs12Green Bay Packers Packers53Bills24New Orleans Saints Saints1214 more rows

Who has the best defense and special teams in the NFL?

2020 Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 20 Defense/Special TeamsPittsburgh Steelers (ADP: 149) 2019: 173 points (2nd) … Baltimore Ravens (ADP: 132) 2019: 154 points (4th) … San Francisco 49ers (ADP: 125.5) 2019: 163 points (3rd) … Buffalo Bills (ADP: 146) … New Orleans Saints (ADP: 169) … Chicago Bears (ADP: 169) … Los Angeles Rams (ADP: 185) … Kansas City Chiefs (ADP: 170.5)More items…•Aug 23, 2020